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Pressure points on the foot are caused by excess weight. Your body is not strong enough to bear the extra burden of your upper body, which weighs more than your lower body. The pounds that you have to carry every day weigh more and increase the pressure on your body and over time it will cause damage. Every time you walk, run or exercise your toes are subject to all kinds of pressure and they are vulnerable to pressure points.

Some of the main pressure points on the foot are on the surfaces of the calves and knees. These are two areas that are vulnerable to stress as you wear them out after a long day on the job. Stress on these areas can cause arthritis and inflammation may lead to arthritis also.


Muscles and tendons can also be an area of tension. A muscle is stretched to its limit and when it is pulled so tight, it becomes painful. Tension on the face of the calves and the knee can also be one of the indicators of muscle injury. When you sit in a chair for a long period of time, you may realize that the back of your leg is tensed as the muscles in this area to get more frequent use.

Muscle damage can also result in pain in the body as the muscle tears and the blood supply to the injured area is cut away. hand pressure points With swelling, bruising and pain radiating down the leg, it is not tough to see why muscle tissue will become inflamed and cause pain. The intense and repeated stresses the muscles undergo can result in constant damage and discomfort.

Other pressure points on the foot are due to standing on a ladder for a long period of time. While you're climbing up the ladder, the weight of your body is on your heel, which can result in all sorts of problems including arthritis. This can be avoided by standing on the ladder with a step pad on the base of the ladder.

Having an injury to your foot may cause you to suffer from heat stress. This is when your body is forced to take care of the extreme conditions of being cold and then it overheats. Heat stress can be prevented by wearing socks offering more insulation.

There are many different causes of pressure on your foot. In addition to problems caused by the weight of your upper body, pressure may be brought on by improper footwear. It can also be due to the amount of daily physical activity you carry out.